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*** Updated***Results of City Bargaining & Arbitration Award
Updated On: May 31, 2019

Wage Increases for all represented classifications:

Effective July 1, 2019:                      3.0 %

Effective December 28, 2019:          1.0 % 

Effective July 1, 2020:                       3.0%*

Effective December 26, 2020:          .5%*

Effective July 1, 2021:                       3.0%*

Effective January 8, 2022:               .5%*

*The wage increases scheduled to take effect 7/1/20. 12/26/20. 7/1/21, and 1/8/22 contain offramp language tied to the City’s Joint report, where the wage increase would be delayed 6 months if the City projects a two hundred million-dollar ($200, 000, 000) deficit.

Equity Adjustments

Communication Line Supervisors I and II: 7257 and 7273

(Re-establishes the historic differential between Class 7338 and the supervisorial classifications in the class series)

December 28, 2019     1.7%

July 1, 2021                 1.7%         

Airport Electrician Series: 9420, 9241, 9242

July 1, 2019                 2%

Power Generation Class Series: 7482, 7484

December 28, 2019     1% 

July 1, 2021                 1% 

June 30, 2022              1% 

Union Security

In response to the Janus decision, all Agency Shop language will be eliminated, and dues deduction procedures will be updated.

Gender Pronouns

All Gender Pronouns will be replaced with gender neutral nouns (i.e. his/her will be replaced with “the employee” or “the supervisor”, etc.)

Bulletin Boards

There will be edits to the Bulletin Board provision (I.J.) to identify what materials are not permitted and the procedures to remove information that is either in conflict with City anti-harassment/ anti-discrimination policy, constitutes campaigning material, or is no longer relevant.

Jury Duty

There will be minor language clean-up on Jury Duty language.


There will be edits in the non-discrimination provision to more closely unify language contained City MOU’s in the non-discrimination provision.

Personnel Files

Written determinations by the City’s EEO office that an employee has violated City EEO policies will be added to the exclusions of discipline required to be sealed discipline after two years.

Probationary Period

Language will be added to clarify that the hours identified in the Probationary Period (II.C.) provision include legal holiday pay hours. There will be language added to address extensions of probation (not to exceed 1040 hours)

Entrance at step 3 or above for 7318 Electronic Maintenance Technicians

Language to clarify that 7318 Electronic Maintenance Technicians must enter at step 3 or above, pursuant to the 2014 arbitration award.

Union Access

The Union Access provision will be revised.

Grievance Procedure

The Grievance Procedure will be revised, most notably from work day references to calendar day references.

Paperless Pay Policy

The Paperless Pay Policy will have minor non-substantive edits.

Substance Abuse Prevention Policy

The Substance Abuse Prevention Policy will have minor non-substantive edits. Additionally, the screening levels contained in the policy will be altered, due to issues with vendors being able to test at the thresholds identified. The screening levels continue to not trigger any discipline, as the confirmation levels previously agreed to for the oral fluid collection. The policy also clarifies that employees subject to DOT testing remain under thresholds listed in DOT standards.

Power Generation Schedules, NERC training, and Powerhouse titles  

Edits to the Power Generation classifications regarding the Schedule I, II, & III schedules, titles of the powerhouses, and NERC training. A new 7.5% premium will be added for employees reassigned from the Schedule I cycle to Schedule II or Schedule III.


Existing language will be updated to bring dates current related to the City’s interest in establishing an Apprenticeship for identified classifications.

Airport Employee Commute Program

Bargaining Unit members employed by the SFIA will have the opportunity to elect to enroll in the Airport Employee Commute Program. This will allow employees who do not drive to work to surrender their no-cost parking for commuter benefits. If the employee elects to surrender their no-cost parking for commuter benefits, the employs will have the option to exit the program and have their no-cost parking restored.

Compensatory Time

Compensatory Time will continue to have a maximum of 240 hours in a Comp time hour bank.  Comp time accruals will be limited to 200 hours per fiscal year. When an employee transfers to a new department, or is promoted, the employees comp time balances will be cashed out prior to the new appointment.

Bilingual Pay

 Bilingual Pay will no longer be limited to the Electrical Inspector Classifications. The premium will be increase from $35 bi weekly when assigned to a minimum of 10 hours in a pay period to $60 per pay period for employees certified as bilingual, who are assigned to preform bilingual services.

Certification Premium

Electrical inspector classifications will have the Certification Premium for IAEI or ICC certification increase from 2% to 2.5%, with the maximum premiums for combined certifications increase from 5% to 5.5%.

Underwater Diving Premium

The Underwater Diving Premium will increase from $12 to $14 per hour.

Hetch Hetchy Meals

A new Hetch Hetchy Meal provision will be added for employees working 2 or more hours of overtime at a remote location.

Safety Shoes

Safety Shoes will be issued every 12 months (currently every 18 months).

Work Clothing

Communications Line Supervisor I’s will be added to the list of represented employees eligible for protective work clothing. Where the patties agree, a department may elect to provide a cash allowance in lieu of providing protective work clothing. After meeting with the Union to determine the amount and method of payment, the department may pay a cash clothing allowance, which shall be no less than $175.

Hours Between Shifts

A new provision will be added to provide that employees are entitled to an 8 hour rest period after being called back or held over at work. Any hours worked within the 8 hour rest period for an employee’s regular shift will be compensated at the time and one half rate.

Night Duty Differential

Swing shift will be increased from 8.5% to 9% for Swing shift, and from 10% to 11% for the Graveyard shift.

Overtime Eligibility

Language will be added to clarify that an employee shall not be eligible to volunteer for an overtime assignment if there has been sick leave or disciplinary time off on the preceding workday or the workday following the last overtime assignment. However, if an appointing officer assigns the employee to work overtime, the employee shall be paid at the time and one half rate.

Airport Pager Pay

The Airport Pager Pay will increase from $30 to $50 per day.

Tuition Reimbursement

The Tuition Reimbursement Fund will increase from $5,000 to $8,000 per fiscal year, with the rollover of any unused funds increasing from a maximum of $7,500 to $10,000. The dollar amount employees may receive will increase from $500 to $1,000 per fiscal year. 

Labor Management Committee

The Union and Management have agreed to form a Labor Management Committee to meet quarterly to address matters of mutual concern.

Parking Citations Side Letter

The Parking Citations Side Letter pursuant to the 1999 arbitration award for DBI, DPW, and DT has been renewed.

***Recruitment & Retention for Class 7345

The City/SFMTA and the Union agree to meet and discuss potential recruitment and retention issues regarding the 7345 Electrician classification by January 1, 2020.  As a result of these discussions, the parties shall reopen the contract pursuant to a mutual finding that a recruitment and retention issue exists.  These discussions are not subject to the impasse resolution procedures.

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